Thursday, 29 December 2011


I think there is a tricks behind all the mathematics problem and you have to just know the tricks. Only then it is possible to crack IITJEE/AIEEE/WBJEE and all other entrance exam. Always you have to remember an important fact that is time factor. One can solve a sum in a broad way, but he/she will not be able to attempt maximum numbers of sum. But if he/she can apply my tricks I am 110% sure that she/he will crack the entrance. Here i want to show you some example of that types of tricks
Suppose your question is like___________
 IF (a2.a3/a1.a4)=(a2+a3)/(a1+a4)=3.{(a2-a3)/(a1-a4)}then a1,a2,a3,a4 are in?
1. AP  2. GP  3. HP  4. NONE
Tricks : you need not do anything, just let they are in AP 
so put a1=1, a2=2, a3=3, a4=4 and check the above relation. if it is true then they are in AP. If they are not  in PA, then let they are in GP and put a1=1, a2=2, a3=4, a4=8 and check again. if it fails let they are in HP and put a1=3, a2=4,a3=6, a4=12.
For the above sum you will see HP is the correct answer. 
So it is very easy. 
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  1. Oh wow! Thts a gr8 idea, thanks a lot!

  2. Which is your website??? Need your help brother...

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